Flavio al Velavevodetto's Menu


Please note! The dishes listed in the menu may be available according to the seasonality of the products and the days of the week.


Parma ham         8.00
Artichokes "alla giudia" (Roman sytle) 5.00
Mixed fried vegetables 6.00
Mozzarella di bufala 7.00
Selection of cheese 10.00
Fried zucchini blossoms or borage rolls 5.00
Zucchini or pumpkin Escabeche 6.00
Eggplant or pumpkin parmigiana 7.00
Eggplant caponata 6.00
Nervetti salad (chopped tendons of calf knee or shin) 5.00
Steccata di Morolo cheese 5.00
Frittata 5.00
Fiordilatte di Morolo cheese 7.00
Beans with pork rinds 7.00
Stracciatella di burrata chesse with anchovies  8.00
Homemade porchetta 8.00
Homemade supplì (rice balls)  1.50 each
Lentil or eggplant meatballs
Mussels Sauté 10.00
 Traditional first courses  
Rigatoni with matriciana sauce (guanciale cured pork,  pecorino cheese, tomato) 10.00
Rigatoni with gricia (guanciale cured pork, pecorino cheese) 10.00
Rigatoni with carbonara sauce 10.00
Tonnarelli cacio e pepe (pecorino cheese and pepper) 11.00
Our meat specialities
Rigatoni with pajata (intestine of "un-weaned" veal or lamb)
Velavevodetto ravioli 13.00
Fettuccine pasta with regaje (giblets) 11.00
Pasta and chickpeas  9.00
Pasta and beans 9.00
Pasta and potatoes 9.00
Broccoli soup with arzilla broth 10.00
Vignarola fettuccine (beans, peas, artichokes, guanciale cured pork, lettuce and pecorino cheese)  12.00
Fettuccine pasta with artichokes or asparagus, guanciale cured pork and pecorino cheese 12.00
Fettuccine pasta with ork spare ribs 11.00
Tortellini in broth 10.00
Rigatoni pasta with butter, ricotta cheese, Parmesan and pepper
Gnocchi with sauce of meat rolls  11.00
Risotto with asparagus 11.00
Our fish specialities    
 Linguine pasta with seafood or monkfish 14.00
Rice with potatoes and mussels  11.00
Spaghetti with clams  13.00
Linguine pasta with Echirè butter and anchovies 12.00
Sepia risotto 11.00
Second courses   
 Rolls with sauce
 Meatballs with sauce
 Oxtail stew 14.00
 Stew fried meatballs
 Manzetta maremmana steak  5.00 per hg 
 Abbacchio brodettato (lamb cutlet served with finishing of egg sauce, lemon and parsley)  14.00
 Chicken Roman style or with peppers 
 Rabbit or lamb cutlet cacciatora 
 Sweetbread  14.00
 Genovese stew
 Fried lamb cutlet or scottadito (marinated)  16.00
 Roast suckling pig with potatoes
 Roast lamb cutlet with potatoes
 Breaded steak  14.00
 Manzetta stew (beef) with potatoes  14.00
 Lamb offal with onions  14.00
 Tripe Roman style  10.00
 Fornara beef (roasted with herbs and wine)  16.00
 Tongue in green sauce
 Marrowbone with peas
 Grilled tuna or swordfish 20.00
 Fried calamari and anchovies  16.00
 Octopus salad or octobus with arrabbiata sauce 14.00
 Stuffed calamari 14.00
 Codfish stew 16.00
 Fried codfish 16.00
Side dishes   
Pan-seared mesclun 6.00
Pan-seared broccoletti 6.00
Pan-seared chicory 6.00
Friggitelli (fried, sweet peppers) 6.00
Puntarelle salad (chicory) in a sauce of anchovies 8.00
Artichokes Roman style 5.00
Green or mixed salad 4.00
Baked potatoes     5.00
Pan-seared scarola lettuce with raisins, pine nuts and olives 6.00
Home-made desserts
A glass of tiramisu' 6.00
Semifreddo 6.00
Chocolate fondant 6.00
Tarts and pies 6.00
Pan di spagna, custard, mized berries with cream 6.00
Mille-feuille 6.00
Wine donuts  5.00
Pinapple 5.00
Fresh fruit salad  5.00
Strawberries with lemon and sugar 6.00
Wine peaches 6.00
Watermelon or melon 4.00
Cherries  7.00
Bread and service charge




  • Meat: Azienda Agricola Nardi (breeding, butchery and processing) - Pescia Romana (VT), Italy
  • Fish: Pescheria La Paranza 2004 - Ladispoli (RM), Italy
  • Vegetables: most of the seasonal vegetables are from our own garden in Cerveteri, Italy
  • Bakery: Bread from Lariano, leavened with acid paste (mother yeast), by the Antico Forno Roscioli and Panificio Prelibato. 


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