The best Carbonara in Rome?


Flavio di Maio has taken the challenge and won it

The gauntlet was let down and Flavio De Maio, on behalf of Flavio al Velavevodetto, picked it up and won the award for the best Carbonara in Rome, at the Carbonara Day, organized by Rome’s cooking portal
The skill level of the contestants was extremely high and there were other great thinkers of this Roman traditional pasta dish that we love and dream so much about. It is worth mentioning the second place to Perilli a Testaccio since 1911, followed by Alessandro Pipero and Luciano Monosilio.
And as a true Carbonara lover, Chef Flavio makes all the fans of this delight an invaluable gift: the step by step recipe of how he makes this authentic gem of Rome’s cuisine. Read and enjoy!


Sear the guanciale with a drizzle of extravirgin olive oil until it becomes GLOSSY. Bathe with a couple of tablespoons of white wine, let evaporate.
Set it aside and let the guanciale cool completely. Then, in the same pan break an egg per person.
Add the water from Nepi.
Whisk with a fork ...
... Until you have an emulsion.
Drain the pasta as soon as it is “al dente”. This is going to be the moment to take care - literally - of the pan.

Add the pasta to the pan (with egg emulsion, water and guanciale prepared previously), add pepper and put the pan on the stove making sure to alternate two movements: rotate to mix everything and sauté to incorporate air so as to inflate the egg proteins, thanks to the contribution of carbon dioxide as well.

We could say to go on like this on the stove for about 4 minutes, but as Flavio rightly pointed out: the judge is not the time but the consistency of the egg. The pan should be removed from the burner when the mixture has become a CREAM, i.e. that exact point between liquid and omelet. Therefore, no distraction allowed in that precise moment which lasts a few seconds only, or you will destroy a work of art.

And when the CREAM is done, move away from the stove and incorporate the pecorino cheese in handfuls: not on the fire, mind you. Otherwise your pan will be dominated by spots of melted and reassembled cheese. Make sure to do it with energy..

Off to the table!