The book

A book by Flavio de Maio and Dario Torromeo

The host next door

"Flavio de Maio is a host with an irreverent verve: “When the time comes, if I could choose how to leave this world, I would like to make a perfect carbonara. And then have a heart attack to end my earthly life with a noble, painless disease. As a timeless reminder, a picture of me with the pan in my hands while I give the dish the final touches. This is how I dream of dying". Oh yes, because carbonara is the final examination, the line between good and evil. The main test for the host from Rome. “You need to get me off of the stove, or else I’ll mess with you." If carbonara could speak, it would probably give you this piece of advice. But it cannot, and so you have to get through it by yourself. A moment before it is watery. A moment later it is an omelet. The acme lasts a moment, you have to catch it on the fly ... "